Why all the F’s? Part 1

Because we really, really like alliteration?

To be serious, we both have been talking a lot about these three things (faith, food, and fitness) and for our family they are all interconnected parts of a healthy, joyful life.  They are also three things we have been letting slide to the detriment of our health and happiness.  To get some backstories in about where we are coming from, I want to start with Faith.


Please note, none of this is meant to be disparaging towards any denomination.  This is simply our experience with particular people and circumstances.

C was raised Catholic, I was raised Baptist.  Both of us went to church (sometimes several times a week) and were both raised to love Jesus and all He does for us.  I had some bad experiences at a church with new leadership and my family changed in high school.  I think if you grew up Baptist in a small town, you would probably understand that changing churches is a BIG DEAL. Regardless, it didn’t affect my love for Christ, but it definitely affected my zeal for wanting to be so involved in a church family.  Both of us continued to attend church off and on while dating and through college, sometimes going to my parent’s church and sometimes going to Mass with C’s family.  We talked a lot about where we wanted to go to church, did we want to always go to Mass, did we only want to go to other churches, etc.

*As a side, for some reason I have an irrational fear of trying new churches.  Catholic churches were no problem. You go in and have Mass and greet, but I never felt pressure that I had to be back the next week or I was somehow disappointing someone.  For some reason going to churches like the ones I grew up in I felt pressure, which was most likely all in my head, that they would all know that I was out sinning if I wasn’t back the next week.   Due to my irrational craziness I had a really hard time scouting churches!

Back in the day…

Here we are 6 years after getting married, plus adding a little one, and we haven’t got anywhere.  We are happy in our relationship and beyond happy to have our son, and yet not happy with how the rest of our lives are going. Something had to change!  C decided to start meeting with a friend weekly to do a bible study/life discussion, and as I saw some of the changes in him I realized that we really can’t do it on our own. We have gone to a church with my sisters the last few weeks that we have enjoyed, but also want to make sure that it is the right fit.  We both know the important thing is passing on a love of the Lord to our children, but we’d both like to have a support group to do it with. Sorry for the wordiness, I guess I just wanted to say that our faith has been and will continue to be a journey and we hope to learn, grow, and find others to help us along the way!


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