Meet the Farleys

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The Farleys: Christian, Meagan and Declan


We realized in early 2015 that our family was full of love, but we weren’t fully happy.  We had gotten so far from where we liked to be, eating horribly, not exercising, and neglecting our faith. We both felt sick, out of shape, spiritually unfulfilled and worried what our example to our son would be.  We decided to just try and overhaul our life through a closer walk with Jesus, nourishing our bodies with better food, and moving more like we used to.  We decided to chronicle our journey together to stay accountable and improve our relationship with a shared project.  We are just beginning our journey back to spiritual and physical health (and are pretty new to the blogging thing), but we hope you hang with us while we get there!  God Bless!!


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